The One Health Platform

OHTK is a powerful open-source disease surveillance platform. 

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Open-Source Disease Surveillance

The OHTK Platform includes a device-agnostic mobile app, admin backend GUI, and an API. 

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  • Collect Disease Data with OHTK Mobile

    OHTK Mobile is a device agnostic, offline-ready, mobile application capable of collecting field data for a variety of health surveillance needs.

  • Detect Abnormal Health Events

    The OHTK Platform connects field data with government officials to detect and respond to emerging health threats.

  • Manage Outbreaks with OHTK Manager

    OHTK Manager is a user interface backend with reports, dashboards, and case management.

Community Disease Surveillance

Technology for communities to protect themselves

  • Offline ready

  • ios and android

  • Lightning Fast

  • Customizable

  • Multilingual Support

  • Privacy First

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