The PODD Toolkit

A participatory surveillance platform that empowers communities to prevent zoonotic spillovers

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What Is PODD?

PODD stands for Participatory One Health Disease Detection

Prevent Pandemics

PODD prevents pandemics at the source, stopping animal outbreaks before they get to humans.

Empower Community and Local Government

PODD incentivises farmers to participate in disease surveillance, protecting themselves, their community, and their livelihood.

How Does PODD Work?

PODD combines Community, Government, and Technology into effective and affordable disease surveillance

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    Disease Detectives

    Community Volunteers power PODD to become the eyes and ears of the public health system

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    Empower Local Government

    Gain understanding of disease trends and allocate recources for disease control more efficiently

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    PODD Platform

    The PODD Platform is an open-source bundle of participatory disease surveillance software.


Let's stop pandemics together.

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