PODD: One Health as a Service

A participatory surveillance platform that empowers communities to prevent zoonotic spillovers


What Is PODD?

PODD stands for Participatory One Health Disease Detection

Prevent Zoonotic Spillovers

PODD prevents pandemics at the source, stopping animal outbreaks before they get to humans.

Empower Local Community and Local Government

PODD incentivises farmers to provide local health officials with real-time and actionable data. 

How Does It Work?

PODD democratizes the ability for lower to middle income countries to identify and respond to future pandemics.

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    The PODD Toolkit

    We have created an open-source “Toolkit" for our partners to implement a local version of the PODD system for their country.

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    Animals, Humans, and Environment

    We connect livestock owners with local health officials via simple and effective technology, operationalizing the critically important One Health approach.

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    Local Ownership; Global Impact

    PODD provides veterinary care for volunteers' livestock, and in return governments receive real-time data that strengthens early-warning systems for future pandemics.

In Collaboration With

Let's stop pandemics together.

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